Large Format CNC Machines

Modustar Large Format Machines

(For Applications like CNC Water Jet Cutting, Ultrasonic Welding etc)

General Characteristics

The concept of the ModuStar is based on a machine rack as standardized basis module and flexible attachments on both sides. The outcome of this is a variable size of the worktable (Y axis) from 1,050 mm to a maximum of 2,800 mm in 350 mm steps.
The basis module offers the possibility for mounting different axis configurations (gantry - Z axis; X-Z axis conventional).
Up to 5 axes can be integrated thereby. Depending on the customer's requirements, the ModuStar can be shipped with or without protecting hood. Travel: X axis max. 2,000 mm // Z axis 400 mm // Y axis up to max. 3,000 mm Required space: 2,400 x max. 8,000 mm (W x D)


XYZ CNC Base Units   (GFV / GFY Series)

o Effective travel ranges : from 440 x 480 mm to 1,380 x 2,480    mm, z-axis 220 or 300 mm
o Clamping surface : from 625 x 1,100 mm to 1,500 x 3,050
o Passage height : optionally 235 mm or 435 mm
o Drive system : DC (series GFV) or AC (series GFY) servo
   drives, precision ball screw driven
o Travel speeds : 8 m/min (series GFV); 12 m/min (series GFY)
o Repeatability depending : on the assembly of the plants; on
   average approx. 0.02 mm
o Weight : 450 kg to 650 kg

Application fields:
Basis for the construction of Machines and systems for:

o Drilling and milling
o Laser and waterjet cutting
o Measuring and testing
o Soldering, welding and many more applications

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