CNC Engraving / Milling Machines

Precigrave ICP Series
CNC Engraving Machines
Engraving Area(Available in 3 Sizes)

ICP 4030: X=400mm, Y=300mm, Z=140mm
ICP3020: X=300mm, Y=200mm Z=90mm
ICP2015: X=200mm, Y=150mm Z=90mm ......................................... Application Example

  • Compact & Desktop CNC Engraving Milling Machines
  • Complete solution with
    • Stepper/ servo motors
    • power electronics
    • Control program
  • Suitable for CNC Engraving on Light Metals, Brass & Aluminium
  • For basic machinings like drilling, milling and Engraving, customer applications like dosing, measuring, Positioning, etc.
  • Extensively used for numerous applications like jewelry masters, embossing dies, graphite electrodes, Coin Dies etc
  • Prepared for an exhauster
  • Integrated power electronics for 4 axes
  • Controllable by almost any standard PC with RS232 serial port.
  • Extendable by 16 inputs and 8 outputs by using a "Multi-I/O" board
  • Complete solution from CAD up to production by the optional
    CAD/CAM software package

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Precigrave ICP
CNC Engraving Machines


Precigrave GFM/GFS Series
CNC Engraving Machines
Bigger Machines for Bigger Work

Engraving Area:
GFM 4433 : X=440mm, Y=330mm Z=160mm
GFM 4473: X=440 mm, Y=730mm, Z=160mm ........................................ Application Example

Series GFM are stable C-frame-type CNC Machines made of light-weight profiles. All linear axes run on grinded steel shafts with linear ball bearings. Clearance-free ball screw drives with hardened and polished 5/8"-16 spindles with a pitch of, optionally, 5 or 10 mm are used as drives.

The linear axes are driven by powerful and robust stepping motors in easy-to-maintain drive modules. The machine table, which is firmly screwed with the underframe, is made of plan-milled precision T-nut profiles. It provides optimal clamping possibilities for the most different and workpiece holders and devises. The protective hood, which features Perspex-lined glass and a swivelling door made of aluminium profiles, constitutes a closed working room with hood locking.

The complete control and power electronics is integrated into the underframe, wired ready for connection. The PC control under Windows with RS 232 interface is executable on each standard PC. The control offers three relay switching outputs, AC 230 V/50 Hz.

The Precigrave base units of the Series GFM 4433 are ideal for applications in the fields:

3/4/5-Axis milling/ Engraving/ drilling/ dispensing, CNC Engraving on large work pieces

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Precigrave GFM
CNC Engraving Machines


Flatbed and Gantry Units
( FB2 / PA1 / PA 2 X/Y/Z CNC Base Units)

The X/Y/Z units are the ideal basis for the construction of Machines for:

  • Automatic placement and mounting
  • Printing and Engraving
  • Drilling and milling
  • Dosing and screwing
  • Forming and modelling
  • Glueing und sealing
  • Soldering and welding
  • Measuring and checking ................................................ Application Example
  • Sawing and cutting, etc.

X/Y/Z multiple axis units, handling units and positioning units with travels from 250 to 1250 mm are constructed on the basis of a modular system.
Stepper motors up to 300 Ncm and playfree ballscrew drives with a repitition accuracy of 0.01 mm (positioning reproductibility) are used as axis drives.

The linear guides that we use are the successful double track drives, proven for many years, with play-free linear ball bearings and ball screws with an accuracy of 0.01 mm.

In this redesigned version, all units are now equipped with two limit switches per axis.

The machining and positioning units are available in several constructions and different sizes and are characterised by low-friction running and high travel speeds. Low weight and high accuracy are achieved by using high quality aluminum compontnts with surfaces, trimmed by milling.

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Precigrave PA Series
CNC Engraving Machine


Options: ........................................................................ Application Example

  • Adapted controllers for different application ranges
  • Software modules for the operation in CAM, CNC and SPS applications
  • DC servo motors instead of stepper motors (standard feature)
  • Intelligent stepper motors (with integrated power electronics)
  • Without motors, with input shaft extension
  • Different ball screw thread pitches
    (2,5 mm or 5 mm)
  • Underframe (see picture on the left)
  • Enclosed hood

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