Application Examples


Jewelry Application :

Product : Diamond Studded Gold Wrist Watches

Description : The user is manufacturing exquisite wrist watches using Precigrave 4433 -5Axis. Process involves precision
                      machining of 18-carat cast gold watch cases. Diamonds are tightly studded with 0.1mm gap. Prong sizes: 0.1mm,
                      Diamond sizes 0.9mm and above.



Jewelry Wax Master

Wax masters are used in jewelry manufacturing process. Our CNC Machines can produce very complicated designs with high accuracy and precision.



Wood Carving application :

With very high precision of our Machines, one can produce beautiful wood carvings. We offer suitable software for designing carving patterns. Our Machines work with industry standard G and M codes providing compatibility with any CAD/CAM software



Embossing dies

Brass/ Aluminum embossing dies needed for wide variety of application are being produced on our Machines. These embossing dies are used in area as wide as paper embossing, for printing pictures on fabric materials etc.

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