CNC Engraving / Milling Machines    CNC PCB Drilling / Routing Machines

CNC Engraving Machines, CNC Router Machines, 5-Axis Engraving, Jewelry Masters, Trophy Engraving, CNC Engraving, Mould Making, Rapid Prototyping (subtractive), Core-Cavity Moulds, Spark Erosion Graphite Electrodes, shoe moulds, acrylic cutting, wood patterns, wood routing, wood carving Machines, embossing dies, CNC glue dispensing, Core-cavity moulds.

CNC PCB drilling / routing Machines, single spindle drilling / routing Machines, Double spindle drilling routing Machines, Gerber / Excellon / DXF data import, Digitizing camera, high speed HF spindles up to 100K RPM, BBT fixture drilling, lowest cost of ownership.
   Large Format CNC Table
    Linear Motion slides
Jumbo size CNC Gantries, gantries for CNC waterjet cutting, Gantries for CNC ultrasonic welding, Big router tables, Gantries for general automation projects. Use our gantries for wide range of applications.
Positioning Systems, Motion Control Systems, Linear Motion Slides, Linear Slides, stepper motor slides, servo motor slides, XY Tables, Linear Rails, Cartesian Robots, Belt-Drive Slides, Ball Screw Slides, Linear Actuators, XYZ Gantries,Z-Axis Slide, combination samples, combination accessories.
   Control Systems

Rotary tables, rotary and indexing tables, rotary and swivel units for 5 axis machining, rotary units for automation projects, harmonic drives.

Control systems for CNC Machines, 1 to 5 axis control systems, works with industry standard G and M codes. Stepper motor control systems, DC servo control systems, Micro-stepping drives and motors.
   Application Examples for Aluminium Profiles

Aluminium profiles and assessories, workingtables, machinetables and assembly tables, T-groove plates

Work Table AT for clamping fixtures and clamping devices for measuring, checking, testing, etc
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